We help organizations find and attract the right talent for their executive leadership and fundraising development functions. We do this through a comprehensive system which includes marketing the position, recruitment and evaluation of candidates, and helping to insure the final candidate is a successful fit for your organization. We have successfully placed candidates in the following positions:

    • Head of School
    • Chief Development Officer
    • Director of Development
    • Major Gift Officers
    • Development Operations staff
    • and more


We firmly believe in the impact an employee and volunteer culture has on an organization’s success. This is why we provide the services of the Professional Dynametric Program or PDP, for short. We offer your organization a trained and certified practitioner of the PDP who will take you and your staff through this exercise. The results can be indispensable in helping you discern the real gifts and productivity of the members of your team. It will help you hire the right people for success in fundraising as well as aligning current staff to achieve a culture of service and success in your organization.