The success of a capital campaign is largely dependent on whether the organization is in a healthy position to execute it. We assist church, ministry, and education leaders in capital fundraising for their church. This often includes campaigns for eliminating or reducing debt or for facilities. We’ll help you insure the need is aligned with the vision.

    • Questions—Before we conduct a feasibility study, we ask every organization a set of eleven questions. The questions help you assess your ability to successfully execute a campaign, and your answers help us establish a successful campaign strategy.
    • Feasibility Study—Many organizations enter into their development efforts with no goals in mind—or any real idea of what they have capacity to raise to meet their needs. CG&A helps their clients dig deep into their donor files to understand the capability and potential of those people to support the efforts of the organization. There are five main elements to a feasibility study:
      • Case Development
      • Prospect Analysis
      • Preparing an Interview Instrument
      • Prospect Interviews and Data Collection
      • Preparation and Presentation of the Report


    • Planning—Once the campaign is initiated, we help establish a monthly timetable. The timetable lists activities and due dates based on the overall campaign timetable that is prepared as a part of the feasibility study.
    • Management—We manage customized prospect databases that are developed to include all prospects for the campaign. CG&A continues to identify, cultivate, and solicit prospects throughout the campaign, adding new ones as they are discovered.
    • Coaching—We will direct you to achieve the goals of the campaign plan from our personal approach.


    • Stewardship Management—We come alongside you, seeing you through the concluding cycle of your campaign. In this stage, we help you bring home donor gifts.
    • Analysis and Action Plan—Because campaigns are not one and done endeavors, we help you analyze the results that inform how you move forward with a plan of action. We help you steward donors, faithfully follow up with organizations, and discover ways to transition campaign donors to yearly givers.