Ministry/Development Office Audit and Evaluation
Most of us get a little nervous when we hear the word “audit”. A hard, honest look at the way an organization is running can strike pretty close to home. However, the fruit of such an endeavor often pays dividends and we can help take your group through this process. CG&A takes great care to observe and understand the culture of an organization, its people, and its values. Such an audit is fully customizable and might include but is not limited to: organizational structure, personnel evaluation, Board structure and engagement, development office operations, fundraising results and goals, making a case for support, marketing efforts, and overall team culture and direction. CG&A serves clients by getting to know you, understanding your “true north”, and delivering a report, complete with action items and next steps, that will help you get there. Other products of these evaluations include assistance with donor thank-you systems and quarterly progress reporting (fundraising activity, revenues, and expenses).

Feasibility Studies
Many organizations enter into their fundraising development efforts with no goals in mind—or any real idea of what they should be raising to meet their needs. Or they have a pie in the sky approach—coming up with big projects, throwing around a big goal, and then finding themselves scratching their heads when they are unable to meet that goal. And there are still some organizations who dramatically under estimate the potential of their constituencies and plod along with low expectations. Each scenario is different, but the one overarching truth is that “if you don’t have a goal, you’ll hit it every time”. CG&A helps their clients dig deep into their donor files to understand the capability and potential of those people to support the efforts of the organization. This also includes carefully understanding the projects and needs of the organization and prioritization of campaign or annual fund initiatives. We will help clients understand the possibilities and set appropriate goals for their fundraising efforts. Other related services we provide are wealth screening of your donor base to identify top prospects and more.

Marketing and Communications
A key aspect of any organization is how they get their message out to the folks to whom they want to hear it. While there are many groups who do this quite well, there is not always careful integration of marketing and communications efforts into the goals and efforts of a fundraising development enterprise. We help clients by not only evaluating your current marketing initiatives and if needed, developing new ones, but also in bringing this together with your fundraising and other revenue producing efforts. CG&A has the team to align these important aspects of your organization. Other aspects of this service include branding, building a case statement for support, annual/capital campaign fundraising and communications plans, and public relations.

Professional DynaMetric Program (PDP)—Hire Right, Align and Motivate your Team
“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast, Lunch, AND Dinner” We firmly believe in the impact employee and volunteer culture has on an organization’s success. This is why we provide the services of the Professional Dynametric Program or PDP, for short. We offer your organization a trained and certified practitioner of the PDP who will take you and your staff through this exercise. The results can be indispensable in helping you discern the real gifts and productivity of the members of your team. It will help you hire the the right people for success in fundraising as well as aligning current staff to achieve a culture of service and success in your organization.

Fundraising Training and Coaching/Major Donor Planning
CG&A provides extensive training and one on one coaching in all aspects of fundraising, and we will come alongside you to build and execute a fundraising development culture that will employs a long view towards real and consistent success. We don’t practice a “one and done” approach and don’t want you to, either. Our training and coaching services provide individual counsel in helping your fundraising team grow in the art AND science of fundraising development. Additionally, we will help you work toward a fundraising development enterprise that employs a Major Donor strategy—moving your organization beyond candy sales and auctions to relational, long term, major giving. Such coaching services may be utilized exclusively or as part of a larger and more comprehensive contract with CG&A.

Annual Fund, Capital Campaign, and Planned/Estate Giving Strategy and Planning
Each of these avenues of fundraising have very specific uses, goals, and challenges. Annual Funds create regular giving opportunities for sustaining the work of an organization, Capital Campaigns often focus on special projects, and Planned/Estate Giving may focus on endowment and legacy gifts from lifelong partners. CG&A will help your organization build a comprehensive fundraising development initiative that appropriately implements these different avenues as your situation requires. An organization may engage CG&A for one or all of these services as needed or they may be included as part of a larger agreement.

Board Training/Board Development
Having a strong and engaged Board is perhaps one of the greatest assets any school, ministry, or non-profit organization can hope for. We believe strongly that leadership in giving must start from the inside out—and this belief has significant implications for Boards. CG&A has worked with numerous Boards helping them to understand the core tenets of Biblical fundraising development and training them to lead by example.

One of Canaan Group and Associates specialties is helping organizations find and attract the right talent for their leadership and fundraising development functions. We do this through a comprehensive system which includes marketing the position, recruitment and evaluation of candidates, and helping to insure the final candidate is a successful fit for your organization. Search services are available for an array of positions including Heads of School, Director of Development, Major Gift Officers, Development Operations staff, and more.

Church Capital Campaigns and Pre Campaign (Feasibility) Studies
We assist pastors and church leaders in capital fundraising for their church. This often includes campaigns for eliminating or reducing debt or for facilities. We’ll help you insure that the need is aligned with the vision. Our aim for success in your campaign is more than simply achieving a fundraising goal. It also includes fostering unity and developing generosity within the congregation–helping them to understand that generosity is not developed through guilt trips but by God’s grace to give freely to God’s mission. Developing generosity is often not a priority for pastors as they tend to be overwhelmed by the more “urgent” needs of their church. Add to that our culture’s idolatry of money and you’ll find that many church leaders simply don’t address this important issue. We believe true joy and freedom can be experienced through giving and a successful campaign not only raises enough money for programs and buildings but transforms people to live generously.

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