As a firm specializing in fundraising, external relations, and search, relationships are what we do. We believe this so completely that prior to any signing any contract with any client, we want to understand if our team is a good fit to grow in a relationship with that client. An enjoyable, trusting, and productive relationship is so important in helping clients that we make that a priority on the front end. To put it somewhat awkwardly, if there’s no chemistry, we’ll have a hard time helping you. We believe it makes the work that much more productive, but we also believe that if we can’t model a healthy depth of relationship with the client, it is unlikely we’ll be able to lead the client to do so in and on behalf of their organization.

CG&A takes a “deep and wide” approach with regard to relationship and the services we provide our clients. We’ll talk about it endlessly and we’ll challenge and equip you to look at your organization’s relationships through a new lens. We’ll walk with you to take your donor relationships deeper, and your networking relationships broader. We’ll utilize friends and colleagues in our network as well as yours within each service we provide. Every organization is different, and we must rely and lean on the trusted input of those who know us best. Our deep and wide approach will also help you:

– create a family of longterm, lifelong donors and volunteers

– have faithful and trustworthy allies to provide feedback and guidance

– to have a ready network of possible board members, future staff, etc.

– spread the word of your organization’s mission and purpose


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