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Troy Duble: Partner and President
Troy Duble is the president of Canaan Group & Associates.  He brings over 25 years of experience in fundraising development: two years with Covenant Theological Seminary and over twenty-three years with Covenant College where he serves as special counsel  to the VP for Development.

He has worked with his father E. Allen Duble for ten years, serving clients across the country.  His personal experience running businesses, working with Covenant College’s board, and serving on other boards gives him a unique ability to understand and help organizations grow their fundraising efforts.

Troy specializes in major donor programs, board training, building development teams, capital and annual campaigns, not-for-profit operations/management and communications.

“I became interested in fundraising development in high-school while talking to my father, E. Allen Duble who has over 40 years of experience in fundraising development.  I realized quickly that many organizations care only for a dollar or only focus on relationships.  Fundraising is ministry: we must focus on relationships, while raising money.  The two must not be mutually exclusive.  At the heart of our relationship with donors we strive to help them understand Gods ownership of all and help them gain joy in their giving.”

Troy serves as a Ruling Elder at Rock Creek Fellowship (PCA) and lives in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. He and his wife Sarah have six children, 5 on earth.



Matthew Bryant, Associate
Matthew Bryant brings over 15 years of experience in the areas of fundraising, church relations, and not-for-profit communications and marketing. He is currently Vice President of Advancement at Chattanooga Christian School (CCS). A native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Matthew received his Bachelor’s degree in History from Covenant College and later earned his M.Ed. from Vanderbilt University with a concentration in Institutional Advancement. Prior to joining CCS in 2015, Matthew served for 14 years on staff at Covenant College, working in a variety of roles related to admissions, church relations, communications, and financial aid. Upon his departure from Covenant, he was serving as interim Vice President of Admissions. At CCS, Matthew directly oversees all development efforts as well as communications and marketing. He also works closely with admissions and recruitment efforts. In addition, Matthew also works as a fundraising consultant with Canaan Group and Associates. Matthew is a past President of the Pachyderm Club in Chattanooga and a past Chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party. He is an Eagle Scout and serves on the Board of the Charles H. Coolidge Medal of Honor Heritage Center.

Matthew’s work across a wide spectrum of activity in higher education as well as other non-profit and political organizations gives him deep insight into how the culture of an organization informs its outcomes. He also brings expertise in fundraising (particularly with churches), organizational team building, development assessment, admissions and recruitment, search services, and communications.

Unlike Troy and Greg, the world of fundraising development was a complete mystery to me growing up. Not only was I unaware of how such work, done well, could grow and sustain an organization, I had no understanding of how God’s word so completely speaks to this profession. The past 12 years have provided numerous opportunities for me to hear and practice these truths–inspiring my desire to work with folks in helping them prosper their organization as they realize and embrace the ministry of fundraising development.” 

Matthew, his wife Jocelyn, and their three boys live in Lookout Mountain, Georgia where they attend Rock Creek Fellowship (PCA).



Jason Coffey, Associate
Jason Coffey
Jason Coffey brings 6 years of experience in fundraising, not-for-profit management, board training, and fundraising communications. He also serves as the Director of Operations and Fundraising for the Tennessee Valley Presbytery Church Planting Movement. A native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Jason received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration majoring in Finance and Accounting from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Recently, while Jason served as Development Director for CBMC, God grew CBMC from a $5 million ministry to a $10 million ministry. This included increasing the annual fund from $1.8 million to $3.5 million and raising project funding totaling $5.2 million during his 5 years there. He also oversaw local fundraising efforts across the country as CBMC has a deputized funding model for their local directors. Collectively, the local directors raised $4-5 million per year. Jason established a major giving program, increased the direct mail effectiveness, established a training program for new staff, instituted a planned giving program, and helped their Board of Directors engage in fundraising assistance. At his new post with church planting, he is helping to build a new movement of planting 20 churches in 10 years in East Tennessee.

“Biblically-based fundraising is life-giving by itself, but once I connected fundraising to discipleship work, helping others embrace God’s attribute of generosity, everything changed. It is exciting to achieve ever-increasing levels of Kingdom investing, but the magic happens when individual givers embrace the command to be generous and adjust their lifestyle, structure, and passions toward following the Spirit’s leading in becoming sacrificially generous with God’s abundance in their lives. What I didn’t realize is that this journey of generosity would impact my wife and me as much or more than it did anyone else!”

Jason is a trained facilitator for Journeys of Generosity through Generous Giving and he holds a Certificate in Fundraising Management from the IUPUI Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.

Jason serves as a Ruling Elder at Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA) and lives in Chattanooga, TN. He and his wife, Catherine, have two children.



Marc Erickson, Associate
Marc specializes in the area of planned giving and estate design/planning.  He is a Certified Financial Planner ® and he graduated from Covenant College with B.S. in Business Administration.  He currently serves as the Executive Director of the Covenant College Foundation and the Director of Planned Giving for Covenant College.

He is a member of the Chattanooga Estate Planning Council and the National Association of Estate Planners.  He holds designations as a Registered Health Underwriter (RHU) and Registered Employee Benefits Consultant (REBC).  He previously spent 17 years in the insurance industry managing an $850,000 book of business; helping business owners, CFOs and other decision makers make strategic decisions regarding their employee benefits.  He has served in various roles on non-profit boards.

“Over 80% of families have something in or left out of their planning that has the potential to cause interpersonal family conflict.  We need to help our friends and donors understand that estate planning is spiritual before it becomes mechanical and that people and more important than dollars.  A planned giving/estate design program is a valuable and effective way to serve your donors – helping them understand God’s ownership of all and their high-calling to the role of steward.”

Marc serves as a Ruling Elder at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church (PCA) and lives in Lookout Mountain, GA.  He and his wife, Greta, have three children.



Greg Duble: Associate
Greg Duble is a Senior Associate of Canaan Group & Associates. He brings over 21 years of experience in fundraising development; beginning his career in at the Christian Businessmen’s Connection (CBMC) for 10 years as Regional Director of Development and later as the Director of Development. He also served with World Harvest Mission as the Chief Development Officer, Covenant College as Regional Director of Development, Vice President for Advancement at Chattanooga Christian School and Now the Director of Ministry Advancement at Evangelism Explosion. He also was managing partner for a large commercial painting contractor, Thousand Hill Cattle Company, where he was the Chief Steward.

Greg grew up as a student of his father, E. Allen Duble:

I can remember the stories of my fathers work as the Vice President of Development at Covenant College. He learned and taught the biblical principle of Gods ownership of all things. I watched how my father built real relationships with those he would call on for the college. I knew early on that this was the work God was calling me and believe that the relationship between the donor and the ministry is a crucial part of the work of the ministry. My work is very focused on the discipleship a major gift officer will have with a donor. 

Greg specializes in major donor programs, donor relationship and care, building development teams, capital and annual campaigns, board development, and major gift officer coaching. He is a Ruling Elder at Grace Community, PCA in Trenton GA. He, his wife, and children make their home on Lookout Mountain.



John C. Bates, MBA, CFM
John Bates
John’s work over the past decade has been on the science side of fundraising—focusing on the effectiveness of the work being done “behind the scenes”. As a certified Fundraising Manager through the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University-Purdue University Indiana, John understands the process of developing a vision, putting in place the processes, and managing the outcomes along the way. As a certified administrator for PDPWorks, John has helped several organizations by coming alongside their employees and aiding them in discovering their natural abilities, the environment in which they work, and guiding them on a path of personal growth.

By developing the right plan, with the right people, you are most likely going to get the right result.

John enjoys his time in the classroom where he instructs business development and entrepreneurship as an adjunct professor. John is an ordained deacon at Concord Baptist Church. He and his wife Donna have two grown children and reside in Flintstone, GA.



Patsy Stickel, Office Manager



Cammie Messer, Intern

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