Leadership, or the lack thereof, will determine the success or failure of any organization. If “True North” isn’t clearly articulated, then there’s nowhere to go. Scripture is loaded with examples, all of which may be seen, for better or for worse, at work in the world around us. Understanding the leadership needs of your organization is a vital first step in unpacking the larger challenges (and possible solutions) in front of you. Canaan Group and Associates believe that leadership must happen in both expected and unexpected ways—through traditional means as well as in ways not commonly understood.

We will help you Lead through:

President/Head of Organization: Is this person casting vision and pointing the way to “True North”? Are others following? How does this individual present to various publics? Do they have an internal or external focus?

The Board: Any work CG&A does with your organization will focus heavily on your Board. Should this be an effort to strengthen the ability of the Board or to engage them in the external work of the organization, leadership at this level is paramount.

Organizational Culture: Yup, we said it again. Culture. We’ll remind you over and over again how setting a strong culture will outlast and outperform any strategic plan.


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